Presentazione del "Festival dell'India"
Terza Edizione, 25-28 Marzo 2004
a cura di Emy Blesio, direttrice artistica,
presidente dell'Associazione "Suryanagara"


Hallo, Dear friends,
Here I am again to inform you of a great event that is being held every year in Milan, Italy, concerning culture, art, philosophy, science and handicrafts dedicated to India only.
I have been promoting this event for the first time in 2002 and I am happy to say that it is growing continuously and getting more and more important and for this reason I wish to thank:
dancers, musicians, actors, singers for giving their brilliance …
researchers, scientists, philosophers, man of letters and experts for giving their knowledge…
the Italian official bodies for giving their sponsorship ….
technical staff, press office, the security for the professional competence …
people responsible of the event for the confidence placed...
and more … to the handcrafts men for their ability …
free lance member of the staff, translators, sympathizers for the great help …
and … the audience … the visitors …
… my warmest thanks to all of you …
I wish to be able to work all together again and make the FESTIVAL OF INDIA even greater
a big hug and … a smile
Emy Blesio
Festival Art Director

Myths and Symbols of India

in Milan
From March 25th to 28th at FORUM – ASSAGO – MILANO the magic of India: culture, handicrafts, Gastronomy, music, oriental dance: the only kermes of this kind.

More art exhibitions, more amusement, more show than ever: discover the new edition of the Indian festival !

From Thursday March 25th to Sunday March 28th at Forum, Assago, Milan, Italy, the third edition of the Festival of India, produced by ForumNet will take place, the unique event totally dedicated to the discovery of the Indian universe.

5,000 square meters for an extraordinary event, which intend to bring in Milan – within reach to everyone - the magic of Orient once again. In March last year an enormous number of people has been enchanted by the event: more than 20,000 people, in love with the spicy Indian cooking, the Ayurvedica massage – with typical oils – the handicrafts, the shows, the absorbing kermes of classical and folk dance and music.

People coming to the Festival will admire the greatest Indian dancers (more than 50 artists will take turn on the stage in the arena) performing classical and folk Indian dances from all of the Indian regions. Music and costumes from the most pure oriental tradition. Unique shows as dance-drama in a Bharata-Natyam and Kathakali style performed by large groups at the Indian way. And other classical dances: Mohini Attam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak ….

The stage designing itself will be like an Indian theatre.

In 2004 festival edition more room will be dedicated to some environmental exhibitions: a full immersion in the Indian territory, the Great Mother, from the huge scenery to the very small details seen through the eyes of people who loves India. Starting from the end of 1800 till nowadays through the reportages made by the most famous photographers and Museums.

A tribute to Salgari, who wrote pages and pages about the mysterious India, will be given. There might also be the participation of some actors who played roles in Salgari’ stories… but … we do not say anymore about this … it will be a surprise.

During the four days lasting of the event, the Forum stands will show craftsman like shops where the typical products of India will be displayed, such as textiles, jewels, incenses, carpets, sculptures, sandal and rudraksha necklaces, batik, henna tattoo, rangoli and so on, in an enchanting, classical and tribal surrounding lit by the typical Indian oil lamps.

Visitors will be involved in marvellous performances: music, dance, concerts, acrobatic display performed by yoga masters, champions of the world. They will perform hanging on ropes or balancing on a perch. The spectacular fights of the most ancient Indian martial art with swords and fire originating from Kerala, stretching massage by Indian monastery, Ayurvedic cooking.. and more … will be on show.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to taste some typical Indian dishes in the many restaurants decorated in a suggestive oriental atmosphere.

Lectures and debates will have swami, researchers, important personalities acting as a chairman and will be dedicated to the traditional Indian thoughts such as philosophy, mythology and spirituality. You will learn more about Tantra, but you will learn even about unusual themes such as UFO or extraterrestrial in the Veda (the Indian holy books) or atomic explosions, which happened 8000 years ago in the Indo Valley and... the first time a lecture about Jyotish the Vedic Astrology.

And more … mini-workshop given by the speakers about classical and folk dance, Ayurveda, the make-up in the dance, yoga, Jyotish and martial art and much more …

All of this and much more in the third edition of the Festival of India

Opening time (the box office close half an hour before the closing time):
- Thursday 25 March: h. 17.00 - 23.00

- Friday 26 March: h. 17.00 - 24.00

- Saturday 27 March: h. 10.00 - 24.00

- Sunday 28 March : h. 10.00 - 23.00

Adults: 9 euro;

Children 6 to 12 year old: reduction 6 Euro

Children under 6 years of age and handicapped people: free entrance

For further informazion:

Emy Blesio
Art director of Indian Festival: East meets West
and president of
Centre of Oriental Culture and Teaching
Via Teramo 5
20121 Milano - Italy
Ph. 0039 2 89150917 - 0039 2 89190884
mobile 0039 338 3116126
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